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A look back in history

In order to understand the present, one must occasionally take a look back at the past. At Phoenix Copenhagen, history plays a very central role. History is part of the place. At Phoenix Copenhagen, our history is ever-present in our every day – and our habits, traditions and customs as well as our language and gestures are steeped in that history. The hotel's history is firmly rooted in how the hotel is run today, and there is a sense of pride and humility in being able to be part of a hotel with such a unique spirit and history.

In this brochure you can read about how Phoenix Copenhagen came to be and its development over the years from the 1680s to the present day. We hope you will find this historical retrospective interesting and give yourself the experience of visiting Phoenix Copenhagen – we are ready to welcome you.

The phoenix has again been lured out of the ashes with a shiny new and magnificent nest to match the former grandeur and splendour. The ancient Greek myth of the phoenix has again been given a modern counterpart – a symbol of the fact that all things must pass, to later re-emerge.