Why stay at a 4-star hotel?

Would you like to stay in very luxurious surroundings in the heart of Copenhagen and be looked after by competent hotel staff who do their utmost to provide an excellent service? One or more nights at the 4-star hotel Phoenix Copenhagen is an experience that can be highly recommended to both private travellers and business travellers, as well as for special occasions such as weddings or large parties.

Enjoy an exquisite experience at Phoenix Copenhagen

Phoenix Copenhagen is a 4-star hotel with 206 elegant rooms and 7 beautiful suites when the very top in exclusivity is called for, All rooms and suites are beautifully furnished with plenty of natural light. Phoenix Copenhagen has a long history dating back several hundred years, and for many years the hotel was the nobility’s and royal family’s preferred hotel used to accommodate royal guests. After careful restoration, the hotel was resurrected as the fabled Phoenix Bird in 1991 with a style that remained true to the hotel's historical roots. Phoenix Copenhagen offers a high level of service, and our staff pay attention to every detail and do their utmost to accommodate our guests’ wishes. That’s why you’re always guaranteed a luxurious experience at Phoenix Copenhagen.

Phoenix Copenhagen is centrally located in Copenhagen

Your stay at Phoenix Copenhagen ensures you luxury accommodation in a central location. The hotel is located in historic buildings in Bredgade – in the middle of Copenhagen’s most exclusive neighbourhood and just a few minutes’ walk from Kongens Nytorv, Nyhavn and Amalienborg Palace. Bredgade is a very beautiful street, with attractions such as the Marble Church, which is one of Copenhagen’s key attractions. Bredgade also leads down to Kongens Nytorv, where the Royal Danish Theatre and Nyhavn are located. You'll also find plenty of great shopping opportunities in this area, which are sure to tempt you with the wide selection of both international exclusive brands and smaller Danish design stores.

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